International Business Consultant

Anders Haug Thomassen

This area covers references, temporary project related information and examples of my main involvement with the various organizations:

Developing Market Plans for commercial real estate and developed housing lots.  Cost efficient marketing mix including GK’s own communication channels as Town Hall windows, car fleet etc. 

Manufacturer of the world’s finest metal lures.  General business consultancy and market strategy.

A revolutionary concept of fish hooks being useful for anyone having problems with tying a knot.  General business consultancy, international distribution and sales strategy, supply strategy.

Cool retail concept addressing the growing demand of the baby-boomers as they age with a new consumer pattern.  First store opening in Hamar, Norway.  General business consulting.  Company to follow!

Speeches and lectures in general, but special success with the subjects:

· Globalization

· Cross-cultural challenges

· International brand-building

· Web 2.0 technology

· Multi-cultural team building

Gjøvik commune—Gjøvik County

Lille Eureka—Smartere Hverdag, Norway

Easy 2 Hook, Holland

Rybatskoje Podvorje, St. Petersburgg, Russia

Calico SA, Barcelona, Spain

Project List & References

Jordan AS, Norway

Supplier research, value chain strategy, partner research and sourcing improvements.  General advice on sourcing strategy.

O.Mustad & Son AS, Norway

Database management; structuring of information, maintenance and tagging according to vast market experience.  General business coaching.

ZHKN, Zheng He Knowledge Network

A global network of international consultants offering global business consultancy solutions at local SMB pricing, enabled by extensive use of web 2.0 applications.   

Founded the network in 2009.

Arnested, Norway

Web strategy and communication platform for this service provider. 

Innovative Lures, Denmark

General business consulting with special emphasis on international sales strategy.

And numerous other projects, advisory boards and board positions.


Less AS, Norway

Given the task to develop the company from it’s entrepreneurial beginning to a strong platform with international sales, efficient distribution and profitable growth.

RB Lures, Moscow, Russia

Distribution company and large retail operator in Russia within the outdoor segment.  General business consultancy.

International market research and distribution strategy. 

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Strategy process, and running workshops developing new strategic directions.

Tourist Board, Gjøvik Region—Norway

Co-founder of this unique entrepreneurial start-up.

Participating in building a viable global business plan for market development, production development and profitable growth.

Greenwave, Wuxi, China