International Business Consultant

Anders Haug Thomassen

“Only in growth, reform and change, paradoxically enough, is true security to be found.”

What we can do for you

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Phone:       +47 900 23 938


· Finding better sourcing options world wide

· Designing a more cost efficient supply chain

· Developing new international markets

· Establishing, evaluating or changing distribution

· Developing market and communication plans

· Changing organizations for future needs

· Develop adequate business plans for the future

· Train your organization to become change agents, to enjoy change and to make change happen.  

· Exploring web 2.0 tools adequate for your business and your communications needs.

Contact details:

Drawing from vast experience, we offer general business consultancy. 

Our unique knowledge is designed to offer SMB’s international know-how to be able to excel in today’s  competitive market, and to prepare for an even more competitive future.

We can assist you in making your business streamlined for success, having worked within areas like: